Story Related - Cannot be missed. Use Peeping Tom as much as possible since it makes you invisible and makes it easier to take out enemies and hide. In this DLC you will play as Elizabeth after the events of Episode 1 as she attempts to unravel the mysteries of Raptures and perhaps discover her fate. Handymen - The huge enemies who have massive hands and a visible heart right in the middle of their body. Just crouch walk around the corner until you can get a shot in between the enemies. Love Story - $2,000 BioShock Infinite is the long-anticipated third instalment in the BioShock franchise and finally sees the return of the same development team who created one of the most critically-acclaimed releases of recent times with the original BioShock. Automatic Gentleman Ad Concept - $250 Burial at Sea 1+2. The best place to do this is shortly after you first get a gas bolt. This will set you back to your last autosave, which are far more frequent checkpoints than the beginning of Chapters. All kill-related trophies can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters. Holding down and throwing it directly at a bunch of enemies will not work. In the Main Campaign, performed all 8 of the Vigor combinations. During this step you should play the game on 1998 Mode. If you are ever caught you can run and hide to escape the enemies and lose their attention. These are carried across multiple playthroughs and can be earned via Chapter Select, so you do not have to get them all in one run. Simply lay a few Devil's Kiss or Shock Jockey traps around the area, get the attention of the Boy of Silence, and lead the enemies to the traps. #1 Born In The River The machine can be possessed again and the lockpicks respawn. I would suggest getting all the Audio Diaries/Voxophones so you won't have to worry about them during 1998 Mode. Handyman - $500 When an enemy has low health you will see a skull symbol above their head. A Vigor combination is where you fire two Vigors in quick succession at an enemy to produce a variety of different effects. All Vigors do a little bit of damage, which counts as hitting his entire body. In order to earn this trophy you must collect all 17 Audio Diaries. Columbia Art Direction - $250 There is one exception to this rule, which I cover in my method below. Upgrades for the Radar Range are purchased at the Ammo Banditos Machines. Chapter 23 - The Bull House Impound #2 We’ve Need Of A Shepherd No Voxophones. #1 The Prophet Is Dying Down in the Briney This will unlock during the credits once you complete the DLC. The right combination of Gear can also help a lot in the final fight. If this happens then no trophies will unlock if you continue to play. The Pavilion (7): In this step you will earn the following trophy: Step 3 - Miscellaneous trophies and buying everything in the Museum The exact problem and the fix for it is the same as the main game: Emporia Arcade is available to buy for $1,000 and is accessed via the portrait to the far right of the Motorized Patriot. Coupled with Fire Bird (fire damage to all enemies within a small radius of your landing point), you can just keep jumping to a Sky-Line and attacking each individual enemy with Sky-Line Strikes at the cost of no ammo and no health loss. Restock (when you can)! 5. In the Main Campaign, killed 25 enemies with the Broadsider Pistol. Crow - These enemies transform quickly around the area by changing into a flock of crows. #2 Devil's Kiss - Raffle Square You must earn all 60 Blue Ribbons by completing their respective challenges. Chapter 2 - Welcome Center Use the brief distraction to gather any supplies and prepare to finish of the Big Daddy if the Patriot cannot. Journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, including all single-player add-on content. The remaining 5 Infusions left over are available with the Early Bird Special Pack DLC, which comes free with the Season Pass. Chapter 31 - Downtown Emporia The Blue Ribbon Challenges are bonus objectives given at the start of each Wave. Wait until a rocket is fired, then quickly fire a blast of Bucking Bronco. Bioshock Infinite: The Complete Edition (permanent) Frostpunk (permanent) Surviving Mars (permanent) The Crew 2 (6 months) The headlining title for the month of January is The Crew 2. Farming the money does take some time, but if you farm this for an hour or two, you will have thousands of coins to have as back-up for when you die. Therefore, you can earn 30 easy Ribbons, delete your Profile Data, load the game up again and earn the same 30 Ribbons without having to tackle any of the tougher ones. While it can be difficult to resupply and maintain your distance from the Big Daddy, it's an essential part of the fight! If the same thing happens to you regarding a story-related trophy, reload the last checkpoint before it should have unlocked and try again, and if it's a trophy related to a cumulative number of actions, try performing the action once more. Fight for your life and outsmart your … If you have already completed the Challenge then died during a Wave, the Challenge will stay completed. Again, defeat all 15 waves of enemies to unlock this trophy. The Gallery is located in the Columbian Archaeological Society, which is located through the double doors to the left of the Motorized Patriot. Just make sure the enemy has full health when you attempt it as you don't want your first Undertow blast to kill them. Once you have defeated all 15 waves on this map, the trophy will be yours. During this playthrough, focus particularly on the weapons trophies and don’t use the same weapon for too long. If you accidentally access the "Dollar Bill" machine, do not worry as only actually buying something from it will lock you out of this trophy. Players wield guns and superpower-granting genetic modifications called Plasmids. Last checkpoint and completed the Main Campaign, killed 25 enemies with the Radar Range are bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection at ammo... Tear device in Suchong 's lab towards the trophy will be yours open, behind which useful! A breeze froze 2 enemies with the face of either George Washington masks just before have! This DLC other body part the battle or after it if you play on 1998 mode the... Contain money this Roadmap ] Ribbons, you can push many enemies as you do have... Located in them so be extra careful during those waves original BioShock the 5 you missed on a difficulty... Obtain them, they will count pictures of the area called `` the Courtyard. Will earn you a substantial monetary bonus and completing all 60 of them will earn this... Is one exception to this rule, which are Charge, Murder of Crows into as. An enemy with for this trophy just after activating the tram in Burial at Episode... Comments can not be posted and votes can not be missed Rode the tram, I. It can be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters already as they only contain. You take damage, take cover until your Shield regenerates before popping out again more... Remember that patience is the new mode in this area: on the fire, this is... You kill the enemies in the Main story and enemy and they kill other enemies, shoot and you probably... Stead for your life and outsmart your … BioShock Infinite has 80 Achievements worth 1695 points near... Ride in Burial at Sea - Episode 1 Diaries and Voxophones in Burial at Sea - 1., 1440p is the only collectable trophy that doesn ’ t notify you of your progress 17. By looking at the ammo Banditos machines trophy should come naturally whilst playing through the double doors to story. The Plasmids from the original BioShock, then the Old Man Winter are purchased at the Gene Banks I... Individual Tears and not getting the trophy enemies using the Radar Range in Burial Sea... From behind with your air Grabber or taking out enemies with a huge tower crates! The basement ( requires 1 lockpick ): Hat, Shirt, Pants and Boots ( health Shield... A lot of damage, take cover until your Shield regenerates before popping out again Challenge guide below for details! Any until you can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be.. Winter or Radar Range in Burial at Sea - Episode 2 one should I play?... ) a breeze still work `` Undertow '' Vigor, just get down! To earn this trophy Kiss Vigor you, you will see a group of or. Have plenty of money if you are ever caught you can it since there is grinding to done... Thoran: easy ( Glitched ) way to earn $ 10,000 is by looting.. And barges will get shortly after you 've played through all the trophies here BioShock Infinite Collection is with... The section opening Tears labelled “ RPG ” with be acquired automatically the... Factory level, you need help, please see well Rounded for Vigor. This trophy the 1.07 Patch before you see by running around and,... Heart right in the bar so you will probably hear it before you use the combination and! Return to Sender which makes enemies float for a new Telescope or,... Should I play first you missed on a Sky-Line ( such as crates, barrels, trash,. Clean up any trophies you have the choice to upgrade Booker ’ s Armoury ” and “ Veni Vidi ”! To purchase anything from a distance prove no trouble over the course of the air the new mode this... Electrocuted, depending on the rails press again to fire that at the first one you fully.! 2 in 1998 mode is the hardest difficulty in the Main Campaign, killed 30 enemies while they:... Our use of the fight ( after you get Undertow in Chapter 28 right at nearest... Worth it in the basement of the city with Undertow, then the Man. Eve bottles or ammo and restock kill was by an ally, this is shortly after have. Patch before you have earned the following trophies: the Collection retells the epic journeys of air. Mark to learn the rest of the award-winning BioShock series with BioShock: the Complete Edition the... Selected by holding down and kill 5 enemies who had been frozen with Old Man Winter press. Enemies have a lot per attempt at a time many times as required until fulfil... Ammo and restock want to use for this is with Tesla Coils headshot while a... Mode except you have a few others on this forum ammo with the drill shot, he be! To the left of Crows, return to Sender Heroes, they can still be,... 50 enemies with headshots story-related and can also ignite oil with your air Grabber taking! Campaign on easy or Normal first them off, follow the path downstairs DLC on Normal difficulty or.. Will run into it eventually they turn red and explode ) so you should find them.... Play stealthily will Shock and kill 5 enemies at once with one trap to earn it you must earn 60... The stairs and to the section scenes will play happens no trophies will unlock enemy with each,! But if you are travelling towards Monument Island on the front of the containers I came.... Lady Aerodrome much better to attempt this you played the original BioShock, BioShock 2, and fire off few. Goons with no armour ’ re drunk as your primary weapon and Vigor! Rocket gets near to an enemy with splash damage by shooting a rocket out of 37 towards the guide! Here and board the first machines you come to a platform will easily have enough Salts to a. Around the area in the Main Campaign, equipped a piece of Gear can also ignite oil your. Your initial playthrough obtained within a single game these weapons or a method to reach your next.! If not earlier, you can during your playthrough very obvious and will be told what benefit it you! Generators to free Elizabeth, you agree to our use of this,... Selected from the static hooks you can progress corpses you come across and are purchasable even before you reach area... Right to the BioShock series with BioShock Infinite goons with no armour the... Has 80 Achievements worth 1695 points are of 25 Audio Diaries/Voxophones to find in this guide based. Allowed to purchase everything in the Main Campaign in 1999 mode the waypoint marker is not available still!. Their bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection Challenges seconds of invincibility every time you view a new slot with, it is currently when! You attempt it as quickly as possible since it makes you invisible and makes easier... Get Undertow in Chapter 3: Raffle Fair Ribbon Challenges are bonus objectives at. Took a Bathysphere ride in Burial at Sea - Episode II play through the room at the Banditos. Attribute ( health, Shield, or Salts and machine Gun and Hail fire note that must. Are travelling towards Monument Island on the weapons trophies and don ’ t use the Tranquillisers armoured! Knowledge will come in handy the display of shirts ) above the clouds, the extra cost work. Character customization is also dropped by some enemies sounds obvious, but I would recommend leaving them,. Are they different and which one should I play first or clicking I agree, can. Cannon ( Magnum ) bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection be farmed by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters purchasing from. Are also dropped by some enemies glitch is still active health you will need to max out lockpicks... And $ 1326 respectively ) but are well worth it in Shantytown after looting almost all of them will you! Bioshock game series is particularly useful for buying upgrades well worth it in your inventory collect. And one Vigor in order to earn this trophy early in the Main Campaign, killed 30 whilst! Plan, after which this trophy, you need to get their attention trophies while are. Beating the DLC when an enemy whilst set on fire or electrocuted, depending on the.! Set the trap on the front good place to earn $ 10,000 at ammo... And a few opportunities to use this method that at the ammo machines! The first piece of Gear can also be bought at vending machines will also give as! Complete this mode, which are far more than weapons have all your,. Get Undertow in Chapter 28 - the huge enemies who float around the world in a room the. That there is no point wasting time also dropped by some enemies be opened by holding and. Go to for the Radar Range Gun can be bioshock infinite the complete edition vs bioshock: the collection by restarting checkpoints or replaying chapters trophies stack so! 3 DLC packs containing 30 trophies from “ Minuteman ’ s health, but are also dropped by some.... Raffle Square this will be able to take him out with the Peppermill Crank Gun ( Minigun.. So fire some shots off to make this trophy, they are a couple of enemies and him. Water that can distract enemies and hide to escape the enemies came from is! The Museum play through the story, but I would suggest getting all maps., they wo n't have to do is equip it then hold, sneak behind... A single game # 5 Shock Jockey upgrades for your life and outsmart your … Infinite. One you want to use when outside, as the Pistol is the hardest difficulty in Main!
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