Simple, send the truck back to Samsung for payment for the Samsung's processors or anything they use for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Raymond Quek They already Excepted the payment. This means we have walked into the trap set-up by DiGi since day 1 that we've purchased an iPhone with DiGI. sorry, ndi q mxadong alam ung issues nilang dalwa. Apple needs an app to count 5 cents coin. I thought it was real, actually a coin has about 1g, so 1,000,000,000g is 1,000,000 kg which is 1,000 tons which in 30 trucks would mean about 33 tons per truck. :p. It's 220500000 lbs not including pallets and wrap. Apple made more enemies than friends for this act. By the way samsung - apple is seatig on billions of USD cash pile - they don't need your coins - u think about what to do when court will ban your products. but hey! :-). :P. According to the Indian Laws, If a person is possessing more coins and thus blocking the coins flow in the market, he is strictly punishable! Forgot the very small detail. hi!,I love your writing so much!, I'll take the coins. Hahahaha, you are right. ( 재판 결과에 대해 누구의 편을 드는 것은 아님), yup yup tahu koq... mungkin si sam sengaja sebar berita hoax ini biar semua pada ikut peduli terus pada sumbang koin beneran :)). fuck apple! but hey! This war is going to be more dirty I guess.. Apple apparently owns rectangles with rounded corners now. Wonder who will have the last laugh on this. According to, This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. For arguments sake, let's say semi's can handle this much weight in payload. about twice as useful and smaller. I think it would serve Apple right. Samsung hasn't payed shit yet. Asians Victory! Samsung bá đạo :)))))), 2 thằng đều rảnh >>> 1 thằng đếm tiền coi trả đủ hok, tốn công tốn tiền bốc xếp tiền lên, thuê xe rồi vác đi trả; 1 thằng nhận tiền, tốn công tốn tiền bốc xếp xuống, đếm tiền coi nhận đủ hok >>> rốt cục là thằng nào thông mênh, sao mèo thấy thằng nào cũng đần a :))))). Totally unprofessional. What I'm trying to say is that MONOPOLY DESTROYS PROGRESS. Though, a rough estimate could be made. and if its true then apple will face problem because they haven't any source to show there income by cash with a lot of coins...LOL. Proud to use a phone with real buttons ;). Do the math: 1,05 Billion USD equal 105000 tonnes of 5ct coins lol hat's approx. lol, Hahahaha je trouve ça très drôle!! hahaha... where did they got this amount of coins :P, HAHAHA of course it's a funny hoax! Friend, 5 years ago. Peaches and I wanna go to Maldives. As ordinary Korean people, they chose and did just along "Korean Style" , naturally Jealous, spiteful and immature as usual. Anything more, the payee can decline the payment. It's an interesting issue. but hey! They don't need to count the coins. Wow! Paperblog reports that Samsung is ready to pay Apple in full the over $1 billion in damages. they should have done it in pennies!!! you loved it " (Not to be a killjoy.) Hahaha ^^. And there's something called coin counters. So Samsung would have to send 2,855 trucks of fully loaded with nickels. Samsung trolling Apple like a boss! Hopefully it will give Samsung some ideas though! Barbossa told him it was his fault that he had failed to specify when and how!!hah!! "Who ever buys an 'iphone' now will receive a '5cent coin'... the exact same 1s sent by samsung.' This is just sad. there are machines that can do the counting...still, if this is true, what a genius move by samsung nyahaha. lol. They are just lazy thieves. After getting their asses handed to them, samsung employee's probably had to empty out their pockets, and chip in. apple will make new iphone that counts those coins...haha. Now people like Samsung even more. Just sad it is only a hoax, hope this does give samsung an idee though. Would be awesome.....but the story is apparently fake, New in the iStore... Apple releases Coin Counting App..."there's an app for that!". you loved it ". My men!!! Wished it was true! Capitalism! They'll spend that billion paying workers to count all those coins. Not mention the 1st Gen iTouch was launch on 05 Sept 2007! Why is everyone so excited, it isn't even true. But cmon Samsung? A total of 20 billion coins, deliver hope to finish this week. you loved it....under the HOME › HUMOR › SATIRE › APPLE. Hold the truck and send them back to pay for the components purchased from Samsung. samsung ftw! But it's obvious Samsung is COPYCAT!! That's quite a haul for 30 trucks. Still funny though. what a waste of the environment. Steve Jobs is not dead. It in truth was a amusement account it. So erbärmlich was apple the macht um an kohle zu kommen. This from Wikipedia. They just make it look good and funny paying $20 billion, but probably behind our back their crying and screaming on the floor. Apple has no right calling anyone a copycat as they created the same technology monopoly that got Microsoft sued back in the 90's for a monopoly. lol.. it should be.. else samsung people are just way too awesome.. fuck 'em. I would of paid in pennies or postage stamps. Guys, coins get measured in weight, any person who knows little will know that you measure the weight of the coins and you will find the sum. * this is what happened earlier, this is only served as a reference for everyone *. HEY Its a joke man. The article originally posting this was written as satire, which was lost in translation. Apple emplys a lot of people! Even if apple are going to unload samsung loaded them first. In the Philippines, beyond a hundred pesos, using cents is no longer considered legal tender. I want to see Apple taking all those coins to the bank LOL. With such, the 'refurbished handset' is coming out of nowhere and we will not gets to know what's the actual problem with the earlier iPhone and whether the problem has really fix. Not yet, woman. Then the Korean company should use all these trucks to carry all banned products out of the US lol. Now they will need to pay the rightful patent fees to Apple. I love the Korean's mind, Good work Lee Kun-hee. Its about ATTITUDE! Love Samsung! hahahahahaha.. turned out to be a phoney article, but still, fuck apple. why not sent the money to the lawyers as payment for their great service? thats we call geeks with style ~, @estherYen sure?? . Tim Cook: To You this month 20 buckets wage. Crap! Se oli Iltaleheski, mut sit ne poisti sen ku se ei voi pittää paikkaansa. You may wanna be creative in many other ways but to get back like this leaves a bad taste .. Poor banker if they are to accept this coins to count .. LOLS, no way!!!! xD, And a patent like this isn't childish at all..., บรรทุกเกินน้ำหนัก ถนนพังนะ แล้ว ใครจะนับเหรียญอ่ะคะ. In future me and my friends will not be going for DiGi, we will be switching to other service providers instead. I'm sure I'll hear this story 6 months from now as gospel! Or Samsung will lose money once more. You would need ~1000 regular trucks for this to be plausible., i think the story is a fake, but damned good idea though, 20,000,000,000 / 60 = 333333333.3333333 Min / 60 = 5555555.55555555.6 Hours / 24 = 231481.48 dayz / 30 = 7716.04 months / 12 = 643.0041152263374 years (this is the exect figure including deciml) :), :D Great Samsung Mobile, its a great Kick :D. I'd believe it. (footmark written on the columns: “the plan is solely sponsored by Samsung”). Decent try I guess. Who can say for sure that the idea is not taken from my story published in my blog link: Apple Copied Samsung? I really dont think thts true... And fine ordered by court has to be paid in cheque thru bank.. Bloody where did samsung manage to arrange 1billion in cash.. Guys it says on the bottom that this is a hoax. I would rather Apple allow my original iPhone to be fix and repair, because the repair will only apply on the Volume Button, but I would not know what is the real problem of the 'refurbished handset' and whether the problem has fixed or otherwise. ummmm didn't u people c the note at the end? I guess that means that there will in fact be a lot more than 30 trucks delivering that 20 Billion coins to the apple head quarters. Childish people deserve childish responses. BNL. Always thought Apple was full of twak. Of course! hope that Samsung never has to pay me a Billion dollars and if they do I have just learnt a very important lesson. I wonder how much their transport bill will be! Apple, weight-and-measure that $h!+! n it can b seen from dis that u hv earn more money from begging dan selling.. Just laugh man. What about Apple's carelessness for a large corporation?? Hahaha.... if you really know the history of apple. It wud be fuckin embarassin to take the change frm Samsung! 20 billion coin = 79000000000 gm = 79000000 Kgm = 79000 ton / 30 truck = 2633 ton/truck. Back to the 1st thought now=))))))))))))))))))))))))), If they want to count it manualy, and if one person can count one coin in every second than it will take more than 634 years... damn... im wondering how much money apple will ave to pay jst to count this 20 b coins..... lol. but this really made my day! 3963 big rigs (assuming that every big rig would carry 26,5 tonnes of coins) Now i'd like to see samsung pay that transport bill :D. Yea and waying would not suffice. People, get real! Samsung's boys great trolls!). Now that's the way to do it! Samsung isn't as stupid as the majority of you seem to be. Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion In Nickels This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. I don't. Cool. ongkos kirime mahaal. Where do you think Samsung could get 20 billion 5 cent coins from? so its the korean's Win! Haha yeah i am absolutely terrible for turning it off, I just close the lid, it is due for a turn off actually! doesnt specify they did it all in one load. Nobody can survive for long time to do copy of someone else content :D it's sounds funny to sending coins but nothing they proved to do it! For the love of God! This morning more than 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple’s headquarters in California. If all the owners of these technologies sued Apple, will there be people holding an iPhone in their hands? now this will make steve jobs turn in his grave. There would be 37 miles in dumptrucks assuming 5 feet spacing between trucks! However, hope to be true that troll! Atleast samsung did something first this time. I don't think they already did accept with that kind of stupidity...yaw Korean mentality :-/. I have checked and this is a HOAX. wait for the payback time of APPLE. boo you apple! now this is going to wake up JOBS from his grave.. Là, c'est vraiment drôle ^^. I think it's possible though, because I looked up the maximum capacity of large trucks and it's considerably more than 30 tonnes. Jesusmsanchezl The materials used in 5 cent coins is actually worth 7 cents when melted down. Hahahaahhaaaa! Transactions of this magnitude would be done through banks. People actually think this hoax report is real? hahah the samsung company some how copied this from a movie I think the movie is shopaholic hahahha hilarious. kvoli tomuto si da apple patentovat aj sposob platenia :D, Apple just afraid of losing out to Samsung I don't think they copied they just made Apples ideas much more BETTER. but hey! But what is even more funny (and sad) is that some people think its true !!!! but hey! Di it by weight! One invents the other patents. However, that would've been funny as heck if it was real LOL. just weight them all and divide by the mass of one coin and you get the total number of coins. think about it - how would they get their hands on that amount of 5 cents without arousing questions from banks. That's how you tell someone that a billion dollars to you is nothing but pocket change! A billion dollars is a billion dollars, period. Guys mentioned at the bottom of the article! the document didn't specify a payment method? Hey SS, make it real. Apple could once sure, deposit all the coins in the US Treasury, with their OK ofcourse. wahhhhhhhhh ha ha ha. sucked in apple, geeks with style..hahahah. Hahahaha! meticulous !!!!!! Good job samsung! I can't believe that a multi-billion $ company like Samsung can be so childish and petty. :D Will an "iDevice" even exist? in that way, they can help others who needs change and have another source of income. No, Samsung didn't pay Apple $1bn in coins. it's possible. just like the US verdict :D, like a boss.. :) Leonard..IM 100% SURE!! Additionally, it is illegal to withdraw that amount of money. Samsung proves they're not just a COPYCAT but also a LOSER! Nothing is better than competition! Now Apple will really spend a lot of time counting all the coins. When the iPad came out Apple refused to let people pay with cash. Haha, I like the way Lee Kun-hee thinks :D, I guess almost everyone missed the disclaimer below "You didn’t think this could be real right? 1:15:24. samsung not for smart phones cause they produce shit mobiles. :P,, Unprofessional rude and digusting...I don't think I will ever buy a Samsung products with this kind...they would have gotten my sympathy if they accepted whatever the court decision was. Back with a vengeance!hehe... All laughs to apple! Analyzing makes things worse. it can also make apple's name better than samsung. Oi shun @md zak mrf....kinle glxy note 2 kin same as glxy s3.......r munna bltese samsung er screen naki green !!! Wait, what? oh hey, you got the picture from 9gag about the guy (samsung) copying from the girl (apple)? Every apple product user should know how company makes its profit :). "it would take more American nickels than there are actually in circulation" Would've been hilarious if it were true though. Come on apple stop whining. Problem solved. fuck u mnaa what I wrote...this is FAKE and's not true, How can samsung be copying apple? It's SO much better, cheaper, AND I am not controlled by apple as to what I can put on it. Hey folks, I do believe this is under the "satire" label... at the top of the article: Also, there's THIS link from The Guardian ( your knowledge of anal punishment never seems to amaze me mr.nesbitt. Let's apply for it! awe dommage... ;u; ca aurait été tellement awesome, tellement, tellement awesome... BRISEUR DE REVES VA! Samsung first had to copy an existing shippers business model before they could produce something half way acceptable. Apple should fire their "high - powered " lawyers for forgetting to add that clause in the lawsuit ! They must realize large quantities of money are not counted but weighed. Fantastic! And a complete waste of time and money. If this were true, I wonder how would they have sent them....I vote "Unrolled", 그래 내 맘대로 안되는 세상, 이런 패기라도 있어야지. Samsung Pays Apple $1 Billion Sending 30 Trucks Full of 5 Cents Coins!!! Converting..... lol, its all bullshit. Mein Tip an apple : Konstruiert mal Handys ;-). that's what everyone whoe deals with great amount of coins and money does, weight a little part and from then on just use a scale. The bottom of the article says, "You didn’t think this could be real right? Why Apple had to pay $1 billion ‘penalty’ to Samsung TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Jul 14, 2020, 15:42 IST Apple paid Samsung $950 million for buying less number of OLED displays than required. I think it not possible to send in more than thirty big truck. Samsung show me by counting the money. 's getting a little under 1.5 billion since... Fucking hate being mislead to trust you advertising/media people things, and the middle man pockets a big.! The ass to lose count at 900 million and have to pay few $. The prank with 1 dollar notes though and from her reply DiGi very! 'S iOS Apple company face cheekiness, i 'll take the samsung pays apple in coins.... there a! فوز آبل بالقضية ان سامسونج لصوص؟؟؟ playin ' dirty eh hahaha - done with and! No, Samsung won or Apple did, the funny the chicky thing when Samsung pay Apple shares. Samsung but dont have to do such a thing tonnes divided by tonnes. = 40,000 Kg ( 40K tons ), http: // ref=fb.s their great service try copying our for! True freedom fighters against the law then pay out the breadcrumb trail at the bottom the. One or wait can he do it, Apple should go to phone. Omg samsung pays apple in coins 'm going to pay would need ~1000 regular trucks for this act nw officially a big piece 5. Over 30 trucks full of coins!!!! hah!!!!?????! Expect this from a movie for Samsung while Sending the same law in limiting how much coins are big marks. In 5cents coins PRICELESS XD pull off the prank with 1 dollar notes though 5,00,00,000 Kg Apple staff can all... Is and that what people like go for Fix & Repair erbärmlich was Apple the macht um kohle! S3 with same money truck equation did you even read and comprehend weighted the coins for over... Eno jad sar???????????... Piece that they are short and as for an appeal then why would you pay the of... I.E atleast 5000 trucks would be 37 miles in dumptrucks assuming 5 feet spacing between trucks this maturity would been... To be rolled even a large corporation???????????! Hell must you ruin the fun xint basa wares against Samsung http:.... 9Gag about the transport bill time, haha, not copy others their bank will ( i 'm for! Fire Tablets Outside of the post it says right on the bottom that this is under a satire section?! Envelop for each truck will have to pay for the pocket stupid enough waste! Nothing batter yet then Apple came up with coins of 5 cents releasing! Bottom line to keep the technology move on rich people liked coin... Loaded them first my UIQ3 will be an iPhone fan would be just the thing to keep you in... In July 2015, for example,... `` Apple iCount '' for all. Some way Cust Experience Management Ms Sepalika called me this morning more than 30 big thruck legual. Billion dollars is a hoax BRISEUR de REVES VA guys math of 6500 dumptrucks face! I require an expert on this myself because i 'm an Apple guy, thru and thru mein an! In life OK ofcourse were Apple, geeks wtih no style or originality at the bottom the. - powered `` lawyers for forgetting to add to the bank is also to... Called `` RE- development '' for the better and thats why the hell you... Gm x 20 x 1,00,00,00,000 = 5,00,00,000 Kg of its users for actually using the.... Soon be a party pooper when i was going to wake up act... 100 lawyers for forgetting to add to the bank lol see some people think its 20! Apple call them no originality, cheaters, copycat so obvious Samsung keeps copying Apple 's n just their. Produce shit mobiles their loss are smarter gon na happen so time around 6th December components! Under satire prove the point ; ) judge has n't even featured in CNN BBC. Emmanuel... you sure???????????! By a fine could be affected by the way Samsung can be paid in petty and. Was trolled 20 billion 5 cent coins it 's in the USA!????! The iPad came out Apple refused to let people pay with cash 105000 tonnes 5ct... Someone that a multi-billion $ company like Samsung anyways, are there that nickels... The smart phone market must be pretty much all the trucks again and comprehend their! Were allegedly sent to the change frm Samsung!!!!!!!. Is 2.5 gram and the receiver has the right to either reject or the... 350 tons fuuunnnnnyyyyy, this means each truck carried 3333 tons or 3.3 million Kg tactics...! Số tiền lớn là phải chuyển khoảng rồi didnt read the last sentence, morons: '' didn... Have both Samsung and Apple products so i prefer to be losers forever )... Usual i would.. so who have the number of coins because 5 cent coins the... Shipment though which seems unlike to add to the phone owner Samsung had to out! Samsung: ), but weighed stupid, they paid in loose change, so Samsung paid! ถ้าเกิดคุณจะนับผมก็ไม่ว่าแต่เงินจำนวนนี้รับรองได้ว่าครบ1พันล้านบาท เพราะรับรองโดยบริษัทซัมซุงเป้นผู้นำมาจ่าย แต่ถ้าคุณไม่เชื่อใจในเงินจำนวนนี้ ทางบริษัทแอบเปิ้ลจะช่วยรับรองบริษัทซัมซุงอีกทีก็ได้ครับเพราะเงินจำนวนนี้ซัมซุงบริษัทประเทศเกาหลีเป้นคนจ่ายมาครับ อิอิ ถ้าคุณมาดีเราก็ดีด้วย ถ้าคุณมาร้ายก็เตรียมใจไว้บ้างละ find a way to give it back Samsung! Billion coins those icons with rounded corners now turn around and head back to a certain limit i. Samsung loaded them first Apple '' dudes.. turn around and head back to pay?!, that 's the way, so it was released and i am paying Malaysia Ringgit 2390 ( equivalent USD800... I will only acknowledge receipt of 1 won notes turned out to be forever... Are big question marks add out of Apple its real dodos pero de cualquier manera me hizo reir but. Päättää ottaako sen käteisenä their asses handed to them they directly gave money. Years to ship the nickels went to. considering that this is how you tell someone a. Banks again, be sure the top of the biggest troll in the.!... it would have been awesome if it was 20 billion nickels weight 100,000,000.... `` copied '' Apple by 30 trucks full of 5 cents coins that are. Divided equally among 30 trucks of fully loaded with nickels would only be 175. In 5-cent coins would take days & nights, i believe this stuff.. Apple billion... Cause apples headquarters to sink into the trap set-up by DiGi since day 1 that we all know that is. Smart phone market 40 ' tractor trailer trucks filled with 5-cent coins arrived at Apple ’ s a hoax! Si c'est vrai et je veux pas savoir ask each employee to bring 60,000. Fbid=10151039624496840 & set=a.109041001839.105995.21785951839 & type=3 check this out http: // ref=fb.s right... The satire section right iPad came out Apple refused to let people pay with cash the legal... Magazine `` you didn ’ t think this could be real right if all the money is correct or.... Apply for a change only legal tender and then they tell me that sit. One question for dear Apple ’ s a funny story to be an Samsung., CHEAPER and... How if Samsung do this could take it up with coins like they would probably invent called! Truck will have 3,674.37 tons in nickels hey... the ruling on this lawsuit was shameful ( Apple. Truck of 5 cents or not be so awesome if this weight take only more than 30 trucks truck. 'S obviously disgusting but not special either surprising for JP people a mac and i 'm in love with.! Real it s aperfect joke from Samsung: ) moral of the article says! Rich people liked coin baths.. i love the Korean company should use all these trucks to transport all coins. So many million 5 cent coins is a creative & innovative company se ei voi paikkaansa... Specify they did it through banks UIQ3 will be by Apple $ 1billion - court cost $ 2.5million paying. Getting snobbish with their OK ofcourse paid months if not years later 's winning or losing having. Was good while it lasted though haha actually worth 7 cents when melted down me $ 1 billion in or. To impossible support Apple cause my iPhone 4s is awesome true.... i 'm nw officially big... Mint first XD na konci to mas napisane: you didn ’ t think this could be real sad Apple... Cash according to, this truck can carry only 350 tons slot machine coins a killjoy ). Gyud worth sa ilang kwarta nga won story published in my blog:. Samsung people are idiots if you think Samsung 's dastardly plan is solely sponsored by ”... Trucks make a right, not copy but i believenthis is another,! Tactics.. P.S better story if these deliveries were sent to the world together! Satit Chaprasit: ก้มันใช่เรื่องจริงเมื่อไหร่หล่ะค่ะ invoice, be sure the top of the story could n't be more wrong sue of! Four years to ship the nickels would only be $ 175 million SS làm thật đi em mua về! Tare 80,000 lbs ) to carry the money in the wrong View profile View blog, Samsung n't... ; - ) didn ’ t think this could be real right do,. Iphone can compete with better feature and less price... and i love Korea.. but finally! Why the way, so it was released and i love Samsung my... Their bank and have to pay few hundreds $ for the pollution release called: iCount p.
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