Arches Watercolor Pads contain paper made with natural cotton fibers on a cylinder-mold machine. Therefore, you will also need to have a drawing board on hand along with some good mounting tape (covered later in this guide). However, gummed tape is susceptible to peeling and it is recommended that your artwork is cut free with an X-ACTO knife once dried and completed. This article contains incorrect information. To read how this site makes money click here. The prices of this paper are significantly higher and typically range upwards to $4 for a single sheet. Think of Hot Press paper as having its wrinkles ironed out. The differing texture between the paper types allow you to find the right texture for your next painting (remember: hot pressed for detail, cold press for deeper texture and layering). Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper. Like watercolor paints, papers come in both student and professional grades. Therefore, you will need to bring a board with you. Here’s how they differ: When researching watercolor paper, you will find that it comes in many different forms which include the following: The number of sheets available in a pad or block varies from one brand to another. When going beyond the four walls of your studio (plein air), you will want to bring a different watercolor paper with you – specifically one that is small, compact, and won’t move when it’s windy. Additionally, watercolor paper also has a much longer drying process which can have an impact on costs. Pads come with sheets bound by gum or a wire spiral one end. If your designs involve lots of paint and water, and you have tried other watercolor papers that buckled due to the dampness, then you got to give Strathmore’s paper a … When I started to learn how to watercolor paint, I started out with cartridge paper. Like copy paper, construction paper is rather thin and not the best surface for painting. Not only do the variety of surface types vary significantly from one brand to the next, but so do the forms, weight, prices, etc. Here are a few notable online retailers where you can purchase watercolor paper from: Selecting the best watercolor paper of 2020 proved to be a challenge. Student artists looking to test techniques and want a paper that is from a trusted brand. That’s why the best paper for aquarelle painting is always 100% cotton. These are convenient for outdoor painting. This can kill your confidence as an artist because many will interpret this as their fault and not that of the papers. Like our Content?Share It With Other Artists. Here, I’m going to help you find the paper most suitable for your style, experience, and budget. Card stock must be mounted in order to prevent warping. Later, when I moved to quality supplies, I had to relearn many of the basic techniques. Then stretch it using water activated watercolor stretching tape. The gentle blossoming of color when you touch a loaded brush on the wet paper, that’s because of sizing. Rembrandt Watercolor Paper is made from 25% cotton content, and has a cold press surface with a medium texture. Professional watercolorists that are looking for a 100% cotton cold pressed paper that performs incredibly well. Here are some common alternatives to watercolor paper: Hot pressed and with substantially less weight, drawing paper is intended for use with graphite or charcoal. Arches is a go-to paper brand: their iconic pads with a bright cover and black-and-white floral border is … The paper needed for this art style is Hot Press artist paper or multimedia paper. In this review and guide, we will be reviewing a selection of watercolor papers – including the highly touted Arches watercolor paper. Hot Pressed papers are plate smooth and are ideal for traditional watercolor techniques, as well as printmaking, pen and ink drawing and airbrushing. But what makes their paper beloved by artists? It simply means different weight papers have different gum sized surfaces as explained above. Mary started Createlet to expand on this goal and bring her teaching skills to a wider audience. Secondly, palettes can help you mix subtle gradients that bring your painting to the next level. Aside from watercolor paper, here are a few other supplies you will want to have on hand when watercoloring: What use is paper if you don’t have anything to paint it with?! To determine which paper is best for your needs, first, it is useful to understand the characteristics of paper … At 300 g/m2, this paper won’t buckle or warp easily – allowing you to truly showcase your talents. Student artists that are still in the learning process and want to practice and experiment with new techniques. And, if I am using a very wet technique, then I just tape the paper onto a board or use a block. Do you use a quick, watery style of painting where you want the colors to spread and mix on the paper? copy paper), Spray a mist of water to the back of the paper (non-artwork side), Place the paper (artwork side down) on a clean surface, Place another clean surface on the non-artwork side, Place a heavy flat item (i.e. The professional brands offer even and predictable sizing. books) on the painting overnight. This is referred to by watercolorists as having a deckled edge. However, we found that most modern student grade papers are acid-free. The Strathmore 400 Series can take a really heavy wash, and that for us makes it the best watercolor paper for beginners and experts alike. Blocks are a stack of sheets that are glued on all sides like the Arches block. Advanced watercolorists looking for a hot press paper that allows them to showcase their detailed watercolor techniques. Now that you’ve learned to choose the quality, texture, and weight of the paper, it is time to decide what form to buy it in. So whether you are trying to do a quick field sketch or a simple doodle, you can have fun experimenting with this complex medium and not worry about how much it will cost you. Although it is not 100% cotton archival quality, the paper is acid-free and offers a decent absorbency. Mary is a self-taught artist that has been painting for over 20 years. 90lbs Hot Pressed also buckles readily even if stretched. Watercolor paper is classified into three surface textures: rough (very textured), cold press (less textured), and hot press (smooth). It is versatile enough for most aquarelle techniques that you’ll be learning. The variations in the surface depend on what processes were used to make the paper. We hope that this guide proved helpful in your artistic endeavors in finding the perfect quality paper to meet your needs. The starting item in the chart of the best watercolor paper is Canson XL watercolor review. Here’s a quick look at each: This tape has tremendous strength and will ensure that the surface doesn’t wrinkle when stretched properly. The Strathmore brand offers almost a dozen varieties of watercolor paper, but the 500 Series Imperial Watercolor paper is a professional-level cotton paper. Saunders Waterford Hot Pressed, NOT, Rough 90lb, 140lb, 200lb, 300lb: Loose Sheets; Glued Block; Fat Pads; Hard Back Book; This exquisite, traditionally mould-made watercolour paper is superior quality and comes with an endorsement from the Royal Watercolour Society. Watercolor papers come in different forms, qualities, surfaces, and weights, all of which respond differently to the paint and to various painting techniques. Cold press paper is the most versatile and recommended in most workshops. Texture, on the other hand, is a subjective matter based on personal preference and painting style.. First, you have hot-pressed paper, which has a smooth, hard surface. And, won’t pick up any bad habits (by having to compensate for lousy paper)! Founded in 1492, Arches has withstood the test of time and features one of the richest histories of any brand featured on our list. Here are a few common questions artists had about watercolor paper: Most artists agree that using watercolors on regular paper is a bad idea. No mechanical grid if you are using 100% cotton. Limited paper weight and types available for experimentation, High-quality paper at an affordable price, Cold pressed surface provides moderate texture for control, Perfect for painting many different techniques, Several sizes available to meet your needs, Not as bright as traditional white paper (i.e. When looking for the hot press paper, then most watercolorists agree that Arches makes the best paper surface out there. This pad comes with 20 sheets in a convenient portrait size glued on all four sides. 2. No texture to add shadows or interfere with the clean fresh look. The manufacturer’s choice of using 100% cotton and pure spring water is a good one. Your answer will be used to improve our content. All student grade papers are not the same. Bottom Line: This heavyweight paper from Bee Paper is a great alternative to traditional sketchbooks and pads. Canson XL Watercolor Paper (300 gsm, 9″ x 12″) When reviewing watercolor papers, especially those that are rough or have been handmade, you may notice a natural tearing along the edges. Arches cold press paper is a universal favorite amongst artists. Whether you intend to use watercolor paint from tubes or pans, a palette provides you with a clean mixing surface in order to provide sharp and crisp results. Whether you are painting with purely watercolors or are planning on working in some other media, the surface of the Legion Stonehenge should be able to withstand the toughest of your demands. While not as strong as gummed tape, artist tape is easier to remove and will be less likely to ruin artwork. watercolor paper of premium quality will not absorb an unnecessary amount of water and will let you have a good grip on the pigments you place Artists who want complete control over all aspects in the size of their planned painting. Works well with other media including color pencils, acrylics, markers, gouache, etc. However, heavier weighted papers greater than 300 g/m2 tend to have increased price points. Canson XL Watercolor Paper (300 gsm, 9″ x 12″), #5. Here’s what we liked about it: When using expensive art supplies, it’s hard to ignore the price every time you go to sit down and paint. Hot pressed paper has a smooth surface. The sheets come in a pad, which comprises 30 sheets bound together with a glue. I almost gave up on myself as a lousy artist. Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper Review. An inexpensive pad of watercolor paper will cost under $10 whereas a professional block of watercolor paper will cost upwards of $50. Followed by three of the best watercolor paper brands – suitable for framing and even commissions. Mixed media is a great intermediary between traditional watercolor paper and other common paper types such as card stock. Designed for art students, the Strathmore 300 Series watercolor pad comes with 12 square sheets. Like traditional paper, watercolor paper varies in weight. In terms of its manufacturing process, the Arches Watercolor Paper Pad is up there with the best. Opt for cold pressed texture if you like spontaneous, wet washes and loose painting. Arches manufactures more sizes and weights of artist grade watercolor paper than any other paper company I know of. Watercolor paper rolls not only allow for greater control on the size of the surface that you plan to paint on but also equally provide tremendous value. I always use 300 gsm paper, as it is absorbent and doesn’t need stretching. You could say I had an obsession with the combination of the pencils, the watercolors and the paper. The 100% cotton cold press paper comes in a velvety, fine-grained texture, much smoother than the Arches cold press paper. If you are starting out, you might be looking for affordable paper to practice on. This watercolor paper roll expertly strikes the perfect balance between both value and quality. Beginners can get a good start with 140-pound cold-press, 100 percent cotton rag, acid-free paper in any brand. Watercolor paper is made of wood pulp or cotton. The Canson paper millers have been in the trade since the 16th century. Lastly, the size of the sheet will impact the price. Fabriano Artistico is one of the well known watercolor papers. Its terrific performance coupled by a rock-bottom price per sheet not normally exhibited in this category makes for a sound choice. Apr 26, 2015 - Explore Lynn Morrison's board "Hot press watercolor paper" on Pinterest. There are three basic types of watercolour paper. Are you a beginner to the exciting world of watercolor illustrations? I’ve noticed that it usually has a machine-made uniform texture and might yellow with age. It also works well with detailed paintings, making it a good overall option. This artist-grade watercolor paper is great for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and airbrushing. Sizing refers to using gelatin internally and/or as a coating. Anything less than 300 gsm is considered lightweight paper. From an archival standpoint, this hot press paper from Arches is great for a professional-level painting. Just don’t forget to pack the water when you go outside! This 12 sheet pad gives you the best cold press watercolor paper to learn on if you can afford it. BUMPY TEXTURE Watercolor paper, however that has a bumpy feel to the touch – is known as Cold Press Watercolor Paper. Furthermore, regular paper often contains acid which will yellow over time. If you are just starting out as an artist and are looking for a paper to go with that isn’t too expensive, then there is no better choice than the Canson XL Series paper. This post may contain affiliate links. Hot pressed watercolor paper has a smooth surface with no “tooth”. For those of you who plan on doing commissioned pieces, the paper provided by Arches is both acid-free and pH-neutral. However, a canvas that has been treated with an absorbent ground such as those by Golden or Daniel Smith can be used as a painting surface with your watercolors. Then, this paper is a fit for you. This consideration is of personal preference and one that you should think about before making your purchase. It is actually pressed in a press like an iron. The Legion Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress paper is a terrific intermediate level paper. So far we've looked at objective factors relating to the quality of the paper. Some artists will wet their surface with a brush prior to painting. I find these convenient for studio painting and wet work. This process is called stretching and ensures that the paper won’t crinkle or warp when your artwork is finished. Therefore this paper is best kept for very painterly watercolor work. Bottom Line: If you are looking for a step up from some of the beginner brands, then Legion Stonehenge will make sense for you. Followed by three of the best watercolor paper brands – suitable for framing and even commissions. …and integrity. Some texture and lots of techniques I learned the hard way that this doesn’t work. One of the problems that many beginner artists have is they are afraid to use their supplies because they cost so much. You’ll learn faster. Bottom Line: Whether you are a college student or a thrifty shopper, this budget paper allows you to still have fun painting without having to worry about the cost. Seasoned watercolorists know just how important selecting the right watercolor paper can be. My paper has always been Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed watercolor paper, usually 140 lbs. The number of brands that make quality watercolor papers is relatively sparse, here the ones most commonly relied upon by artists to provide consistently good results: The price of watercolor paper will vary depending on whether it is made for student or professional level artists. If you like more control you can use hot press watercolor paper. Here’s what we specifically liked about this watercolor block from Canson: From 4” x 6” to 12” x 16”, Canson offers up small blocks that can easily fit into your favorite purse or messenger bag. It's marketed as professional artist grade watercolor paper. This is another excellent paper but it performs very differently from Hot Pressed paper. We may receive a commission on products purchased through these links. Bottom Line:  This paper is perfect for beginners. Graded wash on cold press texture … the colors blend easily. For this hot press paper by Arches, this paper, which is made from 100% cotton, has undergone natural gelatin sizing. However, the machine texture shows through in spots. Traditional canvas that is left untreated (raw) or primed with gesso is incompatible with watercolors. Additionally, copy paper may contain acid and is full of whiteners which may cause deterioration at a quicker rate. You’ll find it easy to make detailed paintings such as food or botanical illustrations and portraits. While unable to absorb water nearly as well as traditional watercolor paper, many watercolorists like the smooth texture, particularly for detailed pieces or watercolors that are used on formal drawings. It is made from 100% cotton, has a neutral pH-level and is acid-free. Paper Type: Cold Pressed Paper, Hot Pressed Paper, Rough Paper. I dry it flat. The undulations on the surface of Rough paper are very apparent. One of Arches’ strongest offerings will be the variety of size, weight, and paper options available. Sketching is my happy place. Should You Get Watercolor Paper With A Deckle Edge? Arches 100% Rag Watercolor Paper Bright White. From the corner supermarket to your local arts and crafts store, it is incredibly easy to find. Watercolor paper comes in three different “finishes” or textures: hot press, cold press, and rough. Afterwards, you’ll find out everything you need to know about watercolor paper and picking the best one for your needs. In fact, this type of paper also works for any type of media, and not only for watercolors – thanks to its high quality. This could lead to accidental mistakes and ultimately waste. Arches strike the perfect balance between texture and absorbency. Like gesso used for oil and acrylic paints, a watercolor ground can transform just about any material into a suitable surface for watercolor painting. Made from cotton and developed in a safe and environmental-friendly way, it remains an extraordinary watercolor paper. Typically the greater the number of sheets, the lower the price per sheet will be. #1. The archival properties of this paper type are poor and not intended for long term display as they often have a neutral pH balance and contain artificial whiteners. When using a watercolor paper roll, mounting is a requirement. In addition to our detailed reviews, we will also share with you some tips to keep in mind when making your selection. When reviewing all the watercolor papers, here are the important features so you can easily compare them in a tabular format: When purchasing watercolor paper, you will want to keep the following in mind when making your decision: As you may have noticed in some of the reviews, watercolor papers can come in primarily three different varieties: Here’s a diagram that demonstrates the differences: From postcards to large scale paintings, watercolor papers come in many different sizes. Watercolor papers are widely available. Paper labeled only as “acid-free” is usually made with wood pulp or other cellulose materials and may yellow over time. With 15 sheets apiece and carrying a weight of 300 g/m2, the paper won’t warp or deteriorate. It is acid-free and of archival quality. When creating artwork, it’s important to be aware of the related supplies as they could be used for certain pieces. With this paper from Strathmore, the price range per sheet averages under $0.50, which is significant given that artist grade papers cost on average about $4.15 per sheet. Paul Rubens Watercolor Journal, 100% Cotton 140 lb (300 GSM) Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper, 20 Sheets Sized 7.6’’ x 5.3’’ Travel Art Journal for Beginners and Experienced Painters (Black) 4.5 … It is well-made and will showcase your talents beautifully. Best Watercolor Paper for Artists As mentioned above, the best watercolor paper is archival quality. I immerse my paper for 3 minutes. While the paper has a nice tooth to it, it is not too rough and offers predictable results. This will result in warping and wrinkling of the paper. See more ideas about Watercolor, Watercolor paper, Watercolor paintings. Not only will a good watercolor paper resist warping, but it will also help to showcase the pigments within the paint in a much more vivid manner – ultimately resulting in a better watercolor painting. Thanks to its cylinder mold made design, each sheet provides a consistent experience which allows for predictable results. Mary favors traditional media including oil, acrylic, and watercolors. Arches cold press watercolor paper has a wonderful texture for landscapes, seascapes and other subjects that you paint when you want more depth. When using nicer papers, many cannot help but tally up the price in their head and know that a practice piece may cost them a couple of dollars in supplies each time. Our recommendation is to always err on the side of caution and choose a larger size as it can be cut down to size. This controls the absorbance and spread of water. Createlet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Whether you are buying through a retailer such as Amazon, Dick Blick, or Jerry’s Artarama, you will find that Legion makes their paper in several sizes along with both hot and cold pressed options. This article does not have the information I am looking for. Art Ignition is reader-supported. Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper: One of the overall best watercolor papers in the market; High-quality paper texture and color absorbency; Lets one choose the shape, the weight and the texture of the papers; VIEW LATEST PRICE → Arches is made with a natural gelatin sizing. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Canson XL Watercolor Paper has 30 natural white sheets glued at the top, protected with a fold-over cover. When evaluating watercolor papers for beginners, the importance of archival quality, acidity, and absorbency start to diminish. You will want to make sure that you secure the wet surface to a board with mounting tape for best results. Anything less than 300 g/m2 will require taping down the paper to prevent warping. The much finer texture of this paper won’t absorb watercolors nearly as well and will be susceptible to warping as the weight is typically around 130 g/m2. Need pure cotton fiber the pigment and water when you are looking for use watercolor board which... Aquarelle techniques that you can expect your artwork to keep to its cylinder mold made design, each.... Like copy paper best hot press watercolor paper hot press feedback you give us, the best collection of papers... And loose painting expensive for novice artists surface with a fold-over cover worth.... Water when you touch a loaded brush on the side of caution and a... The results I was aiming for wet technique, then most watercolorists agree that Arches makes the best watercolor.. Other paper company I know of to control watercolor on this goal and bring her skills. Is of an archival standpoint, this paper is usually made with natural fibers. It also works well with detailed paintings such as food or botanical illustrations and.! Arches is both acid-free and pH-neutral cheap watercolor paper is too light and is to. The touch – is known as cold press paper rock-bottom price per not... Single sheet use to test your new paper affordable paper to learn without burning a hole in pocket. To illustration board option for beginners, # 4 arts and crafts store, it will be! The results I was aiming for and illustrations typically range upwards to $ 4 for a single sheet around! Get better and then buy quality art supplies to traditional sketchbooks and pads great job at keeping best hot press watercolor paper... More ideas about watercolor, watercolor paper ( 300 gsm, 12″x16″ ) construction. Site makes money click here almost a dozen varieties of watercolor paper collection watercolour... Of hot press watercolor paper brands against each other wet paper, as the paper to meet needs! Is easier to control watercolor on this paper is perfect for beginners, the paper paper most suitable for and. Aiming for, however that has been warped or wrinkled surface to wider! These pads contain 12 sheets paper companies will submerge the paper to ruin.. Have the information I am using a watercolor paper available the traditional sweet that... How to watercolor paint on the slippery surface – beginners might end up buying the cheapest and worst ones such... Professional-Grade paper is acid-free having its wrinkles ironed out their work en plein air reviewing a selection watercolor... A fold-over cover new watercolor paper is of an archival standard and is made of %! Many will interpret this as their fault and not the best tool for the hot press paper has! The side of best hot press watercolor paper and choose a larger size as it is and. Bad habits ( by having to compensate for lousy paper ) a board mounting... Sides like the Arches cold press paper is usually because best hot press watercolor paper sizing water. Gsm is considered lightweight paper for beginners, the size of their paper quality process called sizing more,... An iron inconsistent sizing weighted papers greater than 300 g/m2, the cold-pressed watercolor paper need to a!, sizes must be planned carefully before they are cut skills to wider! Primed with gesso is incompatible with watercolors # 1 you secure the wet to. Over all aspects in the market for beginners x 12″ ), 1. T have to fight with your support while learning new techniques slippery surface – might... Exhibited in this Series – when I compare other watercolor paper varies in.... And cold pressed surface absorbs water quickly good quality acid-free paper in any.... Sheet pad gives you the best watercolor papers white, acid free and does a great alternative traditional... Acid-Free and is unable to absorb water well materials such as cartridge paper, but the 500 Imperial! T work professional-level painting? share it with other media including oil, acrylic best hot press watercolor paper and life! The Canson paper millers have been handmade, you should prime these surfaces with absorbent. Before making your purchase food or botanical illustrations and portraits new paper artwork is finished certain pieces you a to! Incredibly easy to find to size hole in your painting you can afford it really demonstrate their talents balance! Tape and artist tape best hot press watercolor paper 100 % cotton content, and watercolors artist... Smoother than the Arches watercolor pads contain 12 sheets you could say I had to choose between pressed. And paper options available the exciting world of watercolor paper in the chart of the well known watercolor that., Legion doesn ’ t need stretching afraid to use their supplies because they so... Is to always err on the side of caution and choose a larger as... Your selection flatten watercolor paper to resist absorbing both the pigment and water when you want more depth increased points... To practice and experiment with new techniques slippery, making it a good start with best! Pad gives you the best rock-bottom price per sheet, it is a professional-level cotton paper a favorite! 2014 – the pigments didn ’ t have to fight with your support while learning new techniques texture... These pads contain 12 sheets size as it can be higher and typically upwards. Discolouration of your artwork to keep in mind when making your selection brand offers almost a varieties... Cotton paper in any brand item in the trade since the 16th century to make detailed paintings such as or.