A Youthful Furry

i’m sure sometimes
i must fly by your eyes
in a youthful furry
i sense it as i go by
and i love the way you watch me
the way you look
i love the settings you choose
the imagination you use
our desire is filled with such intensity
together we’re completely crazy
we violate the laws we knew to be true
and still do
i get carried away by the passion of you
as i know you do by mine too

images imprinted in time
get sent through the line
in the concrete world
we have no control
may as well roll the dice
then pay the price
for what we couldn’t help but do
like the scorpion who
drowned himself too

tomorrow you are coming
i’m so excited
almost more afraid
of the physical arrival of you
i long to touch your skin
i don’t think I should see you

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2007

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