Angels Walking By

first there was Kylie
at the country fair
the girl who saved me
when she dared to believe
like una her unicorn
with whom she’d fly
she jumped on my back
and let me guide
the blank out I’d had
while on the main stage
would fade from the high
of the risk that she’d take

beautiful angel on my path
i might have passed you by
i mightn’t have noticed you
if i’d felt happy or high

then there was Annette
who spoke Afrikaans
the one that I met
while in the mountains
she gave me relief
from my shoulder and back
and my mind that had been
on constant attack
she so happily took
my music as trade
hugged me twice
then sent me on my way

beautiful angel on my path
thank you for taking me in
i probably would have passed you by
if i hadn’t been in so much pain

and as I kept on
and crossed the Mad River
i thought of Woody
who had stood there shivering
he looked destitute
and not well fed
what do you want
i’m a junkie for music he’d said
he gave me so much
with his listening and words
it had been a while
since i’d felt so heard

beautiful angel on my path
thank you for stopping by
i would have just brushed you off
for another passerby

and there was Nissen
the intriguing one
whose eyes shone brighter
than the sun
when all my world
was insatiably dark
he and his dog
stood apart from the rest
their calming presence
and inviting home
gave me solace
from the storm

beautiful angels on my path
thank you for walking with me
for taking a load off my back
and giving me courage to see

and then there’s you
the silent one
whose voice
is known to everyone
so completely full
of contradiction
with love so pure
and full of addiction
grinning like a child
in your underwear
always with me
but rarely here

thank you dear angel on my path
you sang as i drifted by
i learned your call and whistled back
and my loneliness did fly

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2016

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