Ayìi Woòle (For the people of Wekweètì)

Ayìi woòle and masì
From your enîhtå’è k’èdìi-zîâ
You shared your stories, your friendship
Your food and lidì

Taught me to think differently
Showed me a new way to see
I miss you all sèotî
Of Wekweètì

Familiar friendly faces
Enormous open spaces
Higher than the tree-line
The barren land places

Skidoos ride faster than the train
Rushing all the way to Rae
The endless weeks without a plane
Light all night, and tiny days

A piece of bògôö with bone marrow
Someone yelling neèhkw’ô, neèhkw’ô
Yeè, ekwö
Endless nights of dagowo

Miniature coniferous trees
Golden green leaves
Sky-high snow banks, frozen water tanks
Days of picking blueberries

The sound of crystal crackling of the crashing breaking ice
Feeding the fire
And the ever nice northern lights

But it’s frightening how it’s changing at the speed of lightening
From no shower or power in the community
To a decade later of internet
and satellite TV

Ayìi woòle and masì
And may each of us be
Strong like two people
And wise as Chief Mônfwi

May our elders guide us
Through life’s journey
And may we all come together
In our human unity

Translation of Tåîchô Words:
Ayìi woòle: Difficult to translate: it’s a way to encourage people. Literally means ‘whatever’
Masì: thank you
Enîhtå’è k’èdìi: band manager
Zìa: crazy
Lidì: tea
Sèotî: family
Wekweètì: Snare Lake
bògôö: dry meat
Neèhkw’ô, neèhkw’ô: I hear you; I hear you (said over bush radio)
Yeè: over there
Ekwö: caribou
Dagowo: drum dance

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2004

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