Come Around

been drifting around
thought the weight of my heart
would hit the ground
still feeling unsound
if I called you
would you come around?

been spinning my wheels
now I’ll take off the kick stand
and ride for real
I’m done with this ordeal
if I called you
would you care how I feel?

time’s flown by since I first left your side
traveling and searching for my ride
and though I acted like it was goodbye
I always kept you with me inside

for years we floated around
you’d been my childhood dream
from days back in the town
thought we’d never come down
when I called you
you’d always..

now many years have gone ‘round
and many seasons later
i’m finally finding some ground
so I wrote this song
to thank you
thank you
you’d always come around

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2004

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