when i was a kid i questioned everything
needed to know where i’d go when i shed this skin
lying in bed night after night
i tried hard to imagine what might
take the place of this world we’re living in
where we’d all go and how we’d all fit in
i guess back then my biggest fear
was when i left here that i might spend
eternity in hell below
eternity kneeling alone
eternity a long time not to be me

then one day i saw you standing there
on the road to the town fair
when you looked at me i just froze
i thought i’ll follow him wherever he goes
we traveled many foreign lands
and crossed several oceans
i still remember what we said
while touching juliet ’s golden breast
time traveled on so quickly
we grew apart like branches in a tree
though you’d been my pillar of support
time had come for us to part
and i thought
eternity in hell below
eternity kneeling alone
eternity a long long time to be
all alone

somehow i managed to keep on giving
to see the colours again in this world in which we’re living
the luscious greens, beautiful reds and blues
in a way in which i’d never done before
i learned to sing on the strings of my guitar
dance barefoot amongst the flowers in the yard
it didn’t matter who was watching anymore
that’s not what life is for

(…and sharing)

still every now and then
when i get lonely and feeling overwhelmed
it stealthy comes creeping in
from the depths of my chest i feel the whispering
eternity in hell alone
so unspeakably alone

eternity maybe a home
where we can be one
i try to change the way see
eternity is such a mystery
what will be will be

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2010

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