Peace In This

i can see peace instead of this
i can see peace instead of separation and loneliness
and feeling unworthy
i can see peace instead of my fears
of death and sickness and pain
i can see peace, i’ll try again
over and over until i see peace
in everything

i see peace instead of this
afraid of myself
of losing my mind
the one thing that keeps me
connected to time
afraid of oblivion
alone, forever
in death and darkness

I see peace instead of this
i see love holding us always
in each others arms together
i see peace
only and forever
we are peace
we just need to remember
and keep remembering when we forget
and keep reminding each other
because today i’ll fall
and forget it all
but tomorrow you may
i promise to be here
to hold you and say
you can see peace instead of this

i see peace with my contractor
peace with the cancer
peace with the fact
i don’t have all the answers
i see peace with my mother,
my father, my sister and brother
peace with me
with each other
with him, her or neither
we all wish to be free
i want to be loved for being me
nothing more, nothing less

i see peace in this
how we challenge one another
and hurt the other
when we forget
that we simply reflect
the light in each other
and the shadow too
cast by it
and every bit
of who
we are
there’s peace in it all

the pain in my back
that shoots through my spine
every time i get up
try to walk or bend over
i see peace
over and over
in everything
the same way i feel
when i ring
the bowl
and breathe to my core

i am peace more and more
every time i see you
i see peace not war
or the negative thoughts
that come to attack me
because i got hurt in some way
by something you said
or did not say
did or did not do
it doesn’t matter anymore
because i choose peace once more
and over and over and over again
i choose peace
the end

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2022

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